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Your Fitness Horoscope: How every sign should exercise

We’ve got personalized fitness advice — with no need to ask mom exactly what time you were born.

The reasons we seek guidance from a horoscope or a fitness coach aren’t all that different. Horoscopes come in handy if you’re navigating a period of change, seeking to get out of a rut, or just trying to seize the day. If you want to embark on a weight loss journey, bust through a progress plateau, or add variety to your workout routine, turning to an expert personal trainer or fitness coach can help you take the right next step. Think of the kind of coach you’d find through Future as a spiritual guide who just happens to know more about barbells and burpees than star signs and birth charts. 

To celebrate the shared purpose of horoscopes and personal training, here’s a fitness-focused horoscope for every sign of the zodiac. Whether your workouts haven’t been feeling very “you” lately or you just need a starting point that makes sense, even astrology skeptics will find something here that can illuminate a path to progress. 

Pisces (Water sign, February 19th – March 20th)

No need to stick solely to swimming laps, Pisces. Your ability to go with the flow leaves plenty of room for other forms of exercise. Forge a bond of trust with your coach, and they’ll guide you through all the total body strength work and stretching you need. 

Aries (Fire sign, March 21st – April 19th)

Something fast, fiery, and bold will suit you beautifully, Aries. That’s why your workout is going to be a HIIT – high intensity interval training. 

Taurus (Earth sign, April 20th – May 20th)

Yoga serves this earth sign well. Control your breath, ground yourself, and find peace within your surroundings.

Gemini (Air sign, May 21st – June 20th) 

Curious Geminis love a little bit of everything, so your fitness program will be at its best when every week presents a new avenue to explore. Find a coach you’ll love chatting with, and you’ll be stocked with workouts that can cater to your every whim. 

Cancer (Water sign, June 21st – July 22nd) 

Cancers are at their best when they can embrace both their physical and emotional sides. Go for a nice long walk or a scenic hike, enjoying the time and space to think about the world and everything in it. 

Leo (Fire sign, July 23rd – August 22nd) 

Passionate about your goals and loyal to the grind, you’ll likely love an eight week progressive overload phase if you aren’t in the midst of one already. But don’t forget to indulge your need for excitement with the occasional HIIT session or a hike during that period.

Virgo (Earth sign, August 23rd — September 22nd) 

Similar to your Leo compatriots, your deep reserves of focus and dedication — plus a desire to attain perfection — has you pumped for an eight week progressive overload phase of your own. Time to get down to business.

Libra (Air sign, September 23rd – October 22nd)

All exercise in equal measure is how Libras move best. Trust your coach to create a perfectly balanced program that integrates yoga, strength, and cardio to get your whole body feeling fab. 

Scorpio (Water sign, October 23rd – November 21st) 

Scorpios tend to have no problem finding internal motivation, and aren’t afraid of a good challenge. That’s why you’ll thrive with a coach who can mix up your fitness regimen and break you free from your usual patterns. Soon enough, you’ll start to rack up the wins that’ll have you feeling like the boss you already know you are. 

Sagittarius (Fire sign, November 22nd – December 21st) 

Driven by a mix of passion, adaptability, and wanderlust, training for a triathlon can be an ideal outlet for Sagittarians. Get fired up to test your limits, and you may just be surprised by where — both physically and geographically — exercise can take you.

Capricorn (Earth sign, December 22nd – January 19th) 

Capricorns find strength in patience and dedication. Not every day of your eight week progressive overload will feel perfect, but you have the wisdom to know that greater strength and new personal bests will greet you along the way. 

Aquarius (Air sign, January 20th – February 18th) 

Because they want to make the world a better place, Aquarians enjoy workouts that connect them to the environment. However, hikes and trail runs are only part of the equation for this analytical air sign. It may go against your independent nature, but working with a coach who can share their exercise expertise with you will expand your fitness horizons while getting you to trust the process. 

This is your sign to do personal training differently. 

A Future coach may not be able to plot your birth chart. But they will take the time to get to know you, so they can devise a workout plan that perfectly meshes with your personality and fitness goals. Whether you’re a Capricorn who craves structure or a Gemini who hates it, your Future coach will always be ready with a workout plan suited for any scenario, no matter when, where, or how you want to work out — or what time of year you were born.

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